Success Grenade Issue 2:

How Do You Actually Make Money Online?!

Hello – it’s Jon again here.

And welcome to Chris Farrell’s Success Grenade Issue No 2.

Last week – in issue 1 – we discussed the
Number 1 mistake that newcomers to this business make.

(If you missed last week’s copy – you can view it by clicking here)

This week – now we understand what mistakes to AVOID
let’s jump in and discuss HOW to make money online.

The good news is – there are only 3 steps to making money online.

Please let me go through them with you – in this quick video.


I hope you found this video helpful!

Just understanding these 3 steps —
really will save you months of sweating and struggling online.

To sum up – the 3 steps needed to make money online are:

1: Find A Profitable Niche

2: Collect email addresses of people interested
in this Profitable Niche (in other words — BUILD A LIST!)

3: Market related products to our list.

That Really IS IT!


Now – these 3 steps can take a few weeks to master –
and this is exactly what we cover step-by-step at Chris Farrell Membership.

In Your Next Issue Of Success Grenade:

How To Find A Profitable Niche.

Making Money Online starts by positioning ourselves in an already
profitable niche — i.e we identify a subject matter online where people are ALREADY spending money.

But HOW do we actually do this?

Well, Chris will show you — in your next copy of Success Grenade!

OK – that’s all for this week.

See you in 7 days!

All the best


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